Our Financial Planning Philosophy

We believe our client’s are at the core of what we do; without them our business would not exist.

We believe that by fully understanding what you want to achieve in your lives we can put the process in place to assist you in achieving your goals in a manner that is consistent with your beliefs, values and tolerance for investment risk.

We believe that Financial Planning encompasses an array of savings, investment and risk mitigation options and that a client’s needs require a mix of these solutions and not necessarily one single option.

We believe that Financial Planning is an ongoing, long term process that requires timely communication from both sides when relevant circumstantial changes occur that may impinge on the validity of the Financial Plan.

We believe that project fees are the most appropriate form of remuneration as it establishes transparency and engenders trust.

We believe in value for money. As such we ensure our fees are set at a level that derives value to our clients and allows us to grow a professional and profitable business. When implementing financial solutions for clients price is an important factor but will not be chosen ahead of value.

We believe that a diversified spread of assets tailored according to our client’s individual tolerance to risk, reward and volatility is the most appropriate means of investing. When investing for the medium to long term (five years plus) periods of negative performance should be expected in the pursuit of returns in excess of risk free assets (typically cash). We advocate only cash savings for time frames of less than five years.

We believe in adopting the most pertinent investment solution for each individual client. As such, we do not subscribe to either active or passive investment philosophies exclusively but believe both styles have their place within Financial Planning.

We believe in the continuous improvement and development and therefore commit to ongoing Continuous Personal Development (CPD). The attainment of relevant professional qualifications; Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM) is the benchmark level of qualification rather than the minimum standard set by regulations.

We believe in the timely execution of Financial Plans and therefore will act within reasonable timescales to implement agreed actions at the start and throughout the process. We expect our clients to treat agreed actions in the same manner.

We believe that relationships based on openness and honesty are the most productive for all parties and expect our interactions to be conducted in that manner.

We believe in enjoying what we do and work with clients that share our philosophies. To find out more contact us.

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