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By reading this guide you will increase the likelihood of achieving what is most important to you in life.Free Financial Planning Guide

 It will:

  1. Work out when you can afford to retire.
  2. Understand if you can afford to work less.
  3. Help you to pay less tax.
  4. Make your money go further.
  5. Enable you to understand how you can spend less time working and more time doing what it is you love.
  6. Help you put in place the steps to ensure your loved ones are financially secure should you die or be unable to work.

It will act as the starting point to producing a highly personal plan either independently or with the help of a Financial Planning expert.

By studying this guide the you will:

Understand the importance of setting SMART goals in order to achieve your goals and dreams and why, without a Financial Planning strategy they are likely to remain unfulfilled.

- Understand what personal wealth and income you will need to ensure you can live your desired lifestyle and never run out of money.

- Ensure you are making full use of your tax allowances so that savings and investments are working as hard as possible to achieve your objectives.

- Put steps in place to create a disciplined Financial Planning Strategy.

- Understand what investment risk actually is and how much should be taken to give the Financial Planning strategy every chance to be successful.

- Discover the importance of asset allocation and diversification so that investments are not subject to unnecessary volatility and the effect of falling markets can be minimised.

- Understand the different methods of investing and what the advantages and disadvantages of each approach are.

- Be able to differentiate between the different routes to receiving Financial Planning advice and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

- Understand what factors can prevent your  Financial Planning strategy from achieving your goals and dreams and what can be done to mitigate them.

- Understand why Financial Planning is not a ‘one off’ event but an ongoing, iterative process that constantly needs to be reviewed and amended.

To access this guide please enter your details in the ‘Receive Our Newsletter’ box on the right hand side.

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This guide will allow you to put the steps in place to achieve your life goals and dreams.

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