The Nike Approach To Achieving Your Money Goals

Financial AdviceYou know the Nike slogan right?

Want to run a marathon? Just Do It. Want to exercise to lose weight? Just Do It. Know you should go for that run but are being lazy? Just Do It.

Simple, catchy and motivational. Whatever your motivation may be this strapline gives you no excuses. Just Do It.

This same strapline should apply to your money goals as well.

  • Feel you should be saving more. Just Do It!
  • Not started that pension plan. Just Do It!
  • Not established those financial goals? Just Do It!
  • Feel like you have too much money in savings but not done anything about it? Just Do It!
  • Not considered whether you have enough money available should you be out of work? Just Do It!
  • Not reviewed your financial position lately? Ever? Just Do It?
  • Not discussed your financial goals with your partner? Just Do It?
  • Not made a will? Just Do it?
  • Not looked into life cover to protect your family should you die? Just Do It!
  • Not reviewed your pension and investment portfolio? Just Do It!
  • Not used your ISA allowance yet? Just Do It!

Not got around to asking me to help with your personal finance? Just Do It! Contact Me

Not passed my details or forwarded this article onto friends, family, colleagues. Just Do It!

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