Solicitors: I don’t have a silver bullet to make you rich but what I can do is…

financial planning, investment advice, pension adviceI don’t have a silver bullet to make you rich but what I can do is……..

  • Help you define your personal goals (less work? early retirement? education funding? A new house? A bigger house?).
  • Get your financial planning journey started if you don’t currently have anything in place.
  • Review your current savings, pensions and investments to understand whether they are sufficient to meet your goals.
  • Make sure you are getting the best return possible for your liquid assets.
  • Analyse the investment risk you are exposed to and help you understand whether it is appropriate for your risk profile and goals.  
  • Ensure an accident, illness or even death will not leave you or your loved ones financially vulnerable.
  • Help you understand whether you will have sufficient income in retirement and, if not, determine how you can ensure you do.
  • Minimise the tax you pay.
  • Help you ensure your parents are financially secure in their later life.
  • Provide a long term long term relationship to support changes to your lifestyle and financial circumstances.
  • Work with you on a transparent, conflict of interest free basis.

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